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Tööliste otsing, värbamine,  personalijuht ida-virumaal, поиск работников в ида-вирумаа, кадровое агенство ида-вирумаа, tööjõuagentuur, personaliagentuur, personaliotsing, employment agency ida-viru, workforce ida-viru, rental workers ida-viru


  • Creating an employee profile

  • Publishing a job offer

  • Searching for candidates

  • Conducting job interviews

  • The final decision with the employer

  • Onboarding

  • The service fee depends on the number of employees


  • All services in the Worker package

  • Managing a hiring campaign

  • Testing of candidates

  • Background checks

  • The service fee depends on the number of employees


  • All services in the Worker and Specialist packages

  • Market and pricing analysis 

  • Complex/unconventional candidate searches

  • Multiple-round interviews with candidates

  • Guiding the process of consensus-building between parties

Get acquainted

Aljona Melter

employment law, employment contract, job description, job advertisement, objavnesti о работе, трудовой договор

  • Master of Lawser (University of Tartu)

  • More than 10 years of work experience as a civil law lawyer

  • Over 5 years of work experience  as HR manager

  • Mentor of Ida-Virumaa Entrepreneurship Center

  • Specialist in management, team building and development

Aljona Melter

Julia Ojamäe

управление персоналом, personnel manager

Julia Ojamäe


  • Recruitment and docspecialist in contract management

  • 5 years HR at No. 1 in the workforce rental company of Estonia

  • Over 10 years at the document management experience of biggest production companies

  • Over 10 years of experience in small business accounting

найти работника в ида-вирумаа, найти специалиста в ида-вирумаа,









Feedback from our customers and partners

production worker, production manager

Andres Pyaslane

Production manager


"In order to cope with increasing production volumes, product quality and production efficiency, we cooperate in the following areas: searching for employees, conducting job interviews, analyzing and evaluating the work of personnel, preparing training programs, solving special situations related to employees."

search for workers in ida-virumaa, recruitment of workers in ida-virumaa

Kersti Liva

Business consultant

"He is very well versed in topics related to employees, various contracts and their conclusion, the legal side of labor law, documents related to the company, how to behave when the company has payment difficulties and many other things related to these topics. Aljona is  contributed a lot as a mentor and trainer to the development of entrepreneurship in the county! Just a great partner! It's good to "do things" with him

search for workers in ida-virumaa, search for workers in ida-virumaa

Alexander Lyalin

Hired employee

"I have been working for the company for a year and a half. They care about their employees and stick to agreements. They contribute to the development of professional   qualities and look for compromise solutions. They help to solve secondary issues - with living space and logistics."

otsin personali, otsin töötajat
tööline ida-virumaal, personalijuht ida-virumaal, tööjõurent ida-virumaal, работники в ида-вирумаа, аренда труда в ида-вирумаа, кадровое агенство ида-вирумаа

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time
to do it over?

John Wooden

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