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  1. The principles of personal data protection have been published to comply with Article 13 of Regulation No. 2016/679/EU ("General Regulation"). In case of conflict between the Regulation and these principles, the Regulation shall apply. 

  2. We undertake to process any personal information related to you that is transmitted to us (through this website, via the customer questionnaire, via e-mail or in any other way) or that comes into our hands in the manner defined in the principles. If you transmit your information to us in a way that does not allow us to ask for your consent (such as when sending an e-mail or a personal description and via the website, you confirm your consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with the purposes defined by you and these principles.

  3. The responsible processor is Personalibüroo OÜ, registry code 16048138, address Ida-Viru county, Jõhvi vald, Jõhvi city, Hariduse tn 16-7, 41534, website, e-mail

  4. Until the data protection officer is appointed, his duties are performed by the board.

  5. If you submit an application, recruitment or employment application to us, we may, with your separate consent, use the help of third parties, including submitting a request to your current and former employers and colleagues, persons recommending you and authorities to verify your identity and the personal data you have provided to us, and to credit institutions for credit decisions concerning you. to do. We may also make inquiries and disclose data to legitimate authorities, security organizations and other relevant third parties in connection with the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of crimes or the execution of criminal penalties, including for the purpose of protecting and preventing threats to public security. 

  6. We will not sell or disclose your personal data to anyone now or in the future without the basis provided in the General Regulation. To use the service, you are obliged to provide correct personal data. In case of failure to provide data or provision of false information or withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data, we have the right to apply appropriate legal remedies. When making recruitment decisions, no automated decisions are made, i.e. the decisions are reviewed by a person who pays attention primarily to such circumstances that are relevant from the point of view of recruitment (for example, qualifications and previous work experience). 

  7. Personal data is processed primarily through the Personnel Office portal and e-mail when sending a personal description to the Personnel Office. The collected data is primarily your first and last name, contact data, age, qualification and professional skills, description of work experience, description of interests and hobbies, message exchange with us, IP address and other data automatically transmitted to us by the device. It is possible to record calls to our customer support and for recruiting purposes from customer support, together with solving any queries related to the service provided to you. We may from time to time directly contact the user of the Service to obtain additional information regarding selection in the recruitment process. 

  8. The purpose and legal basis of personal data processing: for the purpose of providing services and fulfilling the obligations arising from the contract, the content of which is the organization of hiring labor, the provision of labor recruitment services or conducting job applications - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) a) and b); for processing customer appeals and complaints - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) c), art. 9(2)(f); When recruiting the personnel agency's own team or concluding and executing contracts for the purchase of services or goods necessary for the operation - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) b); to prevent fraud and ensure cyber security, including the automatic processing of data by security devices and security programs, such as firewalls, spam filters, video surveillance, including video surveillance on vehicles - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) f), art. 9(2)(f); IP addresses and other data enabling the identification of a computer or smart device and thereby its user - Preamble p. 49 of the General Regulation; With your separately expressed consent to receive the newsletter - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) a); With your separately expressed consent for notification for market research - Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) a); With your separately expressed consent - installation of cookies - Art. of the General Regulation. on the basis of 6 (1) a). 

  9. Personal data may be transferred to persons who provide services necessary for the functioning of the responding processor (e.g. information society service providers) or sell goods to the responsible processor (authorized processors), as well as to state authorities in cases provided for by law. Authorized processors or recipients of data may be located outside the European Union if they are located in a recognized country with an adequate level of data protection (see /adequacy-protection-personal-data-non-eu-countries_et#dataprotectionincountriesoutsidetheeu) or are companies in the United States with Privacy Shield recognition (Article 45 of the General Regulation). If you visit our website from outside the European Union or provide means of communication and contact details for communication, which are located outside the European Union, or in other similar exceptional cases, we will transfer your personal data to the relevant country on the basis of art 49 (1) b of the General Regulation, p. 113 of the preamble of the General Regulation even , if these countries are not sufficiently recognized in the country and the company does not have Privacy Shield recognition. 

  10. If the processing of personal data is started for a purpose other than the one for which the personal data was collected, we request your prior consent.

  11. In order to prove the legality of the employment service, we retain information for a certain period of time after the termination of the employment service, generally no longer than 18 months. Information is stored in accordance with these principles.

  12. We take all reasonable measures to ensure the security and protection of your information. 

  13. Children's personal data deserve special protection. We process personal data of a minor only with the prior consent of the minor's legal representative. Data sent to us without prior consent will be deleted. 

  14. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time. The changes will take effect for you immediately after you confirm your consent in your customer profile or publish it in another way.

  15. To ensure the security of your personal data, requests related to personal data must be sent digitally signed to the e-mail

  16. You have the right to request from the data controller access to personal data concerning the data subject and their correction or deletion or to limit the processing of personal data or to object to the processing of such personal data, as well as to request the transfer of your data to a person of your choice. If we process data in accordance with Art. of the General Regulation. 6 (1) a), you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing based on consent before the withdrawal. To withdraw consent to the use of cookies, you must delete cookies from your computer. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate (e-mail 

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